The NHS does not fund a travel advice service in general practice. Although as a service to patients our practice nurse is happy to administer vaccines, it is up to travellers to determine what they need.

To find out more about what vaccinations you need we have listed some helpful websites below. You will also be able to find out current government advice on travelling in certain areas of the world. These websites also give you useful and up to date links to even more information.

Some vaccinations are not available on the NHS and we will make a charge for these. We can administer vaccines currently available on the NHS free of charge and these are :-

  • · Tetanus
  • · Diphtheria
  • · Polio
  • · Hepatitis A

Netdoctor Vaccine recommendations are given for each country.

Fitfortravel travel health information for people travelling abroad from the UK.

Travel doctor Tables of vaccine requirements for particular countries.

World Health Organisation Country list and vaccine requirements including malaria situation.

Once you have determined which vaccines you need we would recommend that you book an appointment with our nurse at least 8 weeks before your intended travel. This is because most vaccines take some time to become effective, and some vaccinations involve a whole course which may take up to 1-6 months.

Malaria prophylaxis usually needs to be started 2 weeks before you depart and continued after your return and is available direct from a pharmacist usually without a prescription.