Private Services

Some of the services we provide are not funded by the NHS and we are entitled to charge our NHS registered patients directly for these.

Our rates for these services are given below. There is a £5 administration fee for accounts not settled in advance or on the day.








Provident Association Claim Form (e.g. BUPA, PPP, WPA etc) £45.00
School Fees Insurance Claim Form £45.00
Sickness/Accident Benefit Claim Form £45.00
Employers Report and Opinion £200.00
General Practitioners Report/Medical Attendance Report for Insurance Co.

– Additional/Further Information required



Targeted Report (for Insurance purposes)  £45.00
Report for Childminder  £45.00
Enduring Power of Attorney Report (COP3 form etc)

If visit required







Pre-Employment Medical, with Report £200.00
Pre-Employment Medical, without Report £160.00
Medical Examination

–  Further information required



LGV, PCV, Taxi-Driver Examination (with optician’s report – £85) £120.00
Scuba Diving Medical £120.00
Elderly Driver Fitness Certificate  £80.00
Racing Driver Fitness Certificate  £100.00
Pilot Fitness Certificate £100.00




Private Medical Consultation (per hour) – see separate for further details £250.00
Private Sick Note   £40.00
Private Prescription (for patients travelling abroad who require pre-emptive medication or anti-malaria prophylaxis)   £30.00
Private Blood Test   £30.00
To Whom It May Concern Letter   £40.00
Personal Copy of Results/Bloods/Letters From     £5.00
Shotgun Licence              £30.00
Freedom from Infection Certificate   £40.00
Vaccination Certificate   £40.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate   £45.00
Lighter Life/Jenny Craig/Cambridge Diets form completion   £45.00
Hep B Vaccine (Single Booster)   £55.00
Hep B Vaccine Course ( x 3) £165.00
Hep B Accelerated Course ( x 4) £220.00
ACWY Vaccine (Single)  £50.00
Computer Summary Printout (written request required) £10.00

(+ 50p/sheet)

Access to Records under Data Protection Act (written request required) £10.00
Copies of Reports under Access to Health Records Act 1993 50p per side
Copy of Patient Notes under Access to Health Records Act 1993 Up to £50.00


With effect from 1st June 2017

Eastwick Park Medical Practice