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You may have noticed some personnel changes recently.

Welcome to Dr Yeun Man who has joined the practice from 1st June for 2 days a week.



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Appointment Confirmations

We will send a text message to remind you of your appointment and the GPs can send you information instead of having to see you in person.

To do this we need your current mobile phone number to be up to date.

Please let us know if your details may have changed.

If you DON’T want to receive these text messages, please let us know and we can update your details on our system.

We can also print confirmation slips – just ask at reception when you make an appointment.

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Evening and weekend GP appointments

We can now offer additional flexible non-urgent GP appointments for you and your family outside of surgery hours.  Appointments be booked through our reception team; they are particularly useful where you find it difficult to come to the surgery during our normal opening times.

Alternatively, you can call the GPHP appointment line on 01372 738 373, this line is only available weekdays 18:00 to 21:00 and 09:00 to 13:00 at weekends.  There are a number of on-the-day GP appointments available each weekday evening and weekend mornings at Leatherhead, Epsom, Nork and/or Tadworth.

The service has appointments

  • Mon – Fri 18:30 – 21:30
  • Sat 09:00 – 14:00
  • Sun 09:00 – 13:00

You will be seen by an experienced GP, usually from one of our local practices.  The doctor will have access to your GP record here at the practice and will update your GP with the outcome of your consultation, for example if a referral or further tests need to be considered.



This service adds to our usual GP practice services, and Surrey’s NHS 111 service – you can contact NHS 111 by dialling 111 from either your landline or mobile. NHS 111 is free to call from both mobiles and landlines.

Complex and long term problems are unlikely to be resolved in a 10 minute consultation with a new doctor, and are best followed up with your usual GP.

Always call 999 in a critical or life-threatening situation, for example if someone loses consciousness, is in a confused state, has severe chest pain, breathing difficulties or severe bleeding that can’t be stopped.  If you or someone else is having a heart attack or stroke, call 999 immediately – every second counts with these conditions.

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Eastwick Park Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Eastwick Park Medical Practice – Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Our Interim Committee of local volunteers, who are all current patients of the Practice, have now formed this new, initial PPG for the Practice and membership is open to all registered and interested patients of the Practice. We would welcome the involvement of new members or community health related groups.


We intend that the PPG will support and enhance the services provided by the Practice. The PPG will not raise funds but, as part of the NHS plan to involve patients and the public in health decision-making, any modest expenses incurred by the PPG may be met by the Practice from retrospective grants which may be available from ring fenced national sources for this purpose.


It is intended that the PPG will be formally constituted at an appropriate time in the future, with elections from amongst registered patients of the Practice and they will be responsible for the running of the PPG. Details and a draft Constitution for the PPG will be published in due course.
The overall aim of the PPG will be to contribute to quality improvement by working with the Practice to encourage co-operation, collaboration and consultation. In this way, it will seek to develop a positive and constructive relationship between patients, the Practice and the community it serves, ensuring that the Practice remains accountable and responsive to all its patients’ needs.

The PPG’s key aims will be:-

1.         To create and improve two-way communication between patients, the Practice     and the community it serves;

2.         To bring a sense of partnership between the Practice and patients;

3.         To provide an avenue for patients’ opinions and input in the way facilities and         services are planned and provided; to influence those services; and to provide            local and national health education updates;

4.         To carry out surveys of patients and to provide constructive two-way feedback on             patient and community needs, concerns and interests;

5.         To support the Practice in good health promotions, preventative medicine and       healthy living;

6.         To collect patient opinions, experiences, ideas and questions to help the Practice to monitor, evaluate and develop its services; and


7.         To set up methods of communicating health care commissioning information        from the Clinical Commissioning Group to patients and to provide feedback from      patients to the CCG about services.

The PPG will not be a channel for complaints but will welcome constructive criticism and ideas. Any complaints about the medical services should be made direct to the Practice.

If you would like to contact the initial PPG or are willing to assist the PPG in developing its new role you can email them on  This email address should NOT be used to contact the Practice.

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Patient Participation Group [PPG]

We are keen to establish a Patient Participation Group (PPG) within the Practice and are looking for registered patients who would be interested to give views and about NHS services to help develop an effective patient participation group.

The overall aim of our group [PPG] will be to develop a positive and constructive relationship between patients, the Practice and the community it serves, ensuring the practice remains accountable and responsive to all its patients needs.

Our group key roles are:-

  1. Create and improve two-way communication between patients, the Practice and the community it serves.
  2. To bring a sense of partnership between Practice and patients.
  3. Provide an avenue for patients’ input in the way facilities and services are planned and executed, to add humanity to, and influence those services.
  4. Provide constructive two-way feedback on patient and community needs, concerns and interests.
  5. Support the Practice in good health promotions, preventative medicine and health literacy
  6. Collect patient opinions and experiences to help the practice to evaluate its services.
  7. Communicate to the practice community and/or the wider community information about the practice.
  8. Liaise with the Mid Surrey Commisioining Group group of practices to share and develop best practice and/or resources.

Patient Participation Group Membership

A key objective would be to involve patients from a cross section of the practice population and to establish patient reference groups. How the group communicates with a wide cross section of the Practice population is a key issue. Apart from more conventional means of communication It is hoped to develop virtual reference groups and thereby engage with patients via the medium of emails to establish patient’s views and opinions.

Patient and public experience and engagement is a key priority for GP consortia as outlined in the Department of Health White Paper ‘Equality and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’.

Our Practice is one of thirteeen local medical practices that comprise the Mid Surrey Commisioning Group(MSCG). MSCG has an established Patient Liaison Group to help in its repsonsibilities to engage with its patients to work together on shaping future services in General practice.

The MSCG Patient Liaison group meets regularly four times a year and during that time develops ways to meet and listen to the views of the patients in all of the groups Practices.

Under the government proposals PPG’s will have an increasingly important role in helping to give patients a say in the way services are delivered to best meet their needs, and the needs of the local community.

If you are interested in joining the group or would like more information please contact Denise Howe, practice manager 01372 452081, or by email at Alternatively please let one of our receptionists know your of your interest.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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